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The Arthur name was attached to me around 1985 by a guitar player friend of my brother. I rather liked it and although nobody calls me like that, I've written all my code under that pseudonym. Initially I used Arthur Software, then I renamed myself to Arthur Computer Systems and only much later did I switch to Arthur Digital Solutions.

A couple of words about myself. My name is Andor Kócsi. I was born in 1969, in Budapest. My first encounter with computer technology was in 1982, when my family got a ZX81. I've been learning this science ever since. I built the first computer that I myself designed in 1985. It was christened to the rather imaginative name of Nebuló-3, after the Nebuló-2, which was a teaching computer by Microterv GMK at the time. The Nebuló-3 has developed a lot and the end result was a computer named Arthur-PC.

I was introduced to electronics by my Dad; I've learnt all the basics from him. It was my brother who taught me the foundations of computer science and he was also the one who brought me my first official, paid work. It was a software development for the Research Institute of the Hungarian PTT (PKI). That is where I met Dénes Gál who became a determinant figure in my later life.

Between 1990 and 2000 I worked as a sole trader. During those years we designed a plethora of microprocessor based devices with Dénes, mostly using his company's name. Of those, possibly the most interesting was the Kö-nig '95 and from 1998 Kö-nig '98 dual industrial air conditioning control system. We developed it for an air conditioning company and they bought more than a thousand controllers. Then they cloned it... Those controllers were in operation in the 450 and 900MHz GSM towers of a Hungarian mobile phone provider.

In 2001 I got a two year contract with an Australian company. So, with my wife we moved to Sydney and I was working as a software developer. The company's main products were contactless smartcard based payment and access control systems. Due to family reasons we had to return to Hungary after only six months. During the eight years since then I've done a lot of things. My most significant works were for the TELELUX Kft, for whom I developed various sporting venue scoreboard control systems. Later I designed control electronics and developed control software for a lighting technology company.

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